bio_VozoffMax Vozoff

Max Vozoff received his Bachelors Degree with Honors in Electrical & Communications Engineering in 1993 from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia, and a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics) from the University of Southern California in 2002.

Mr. Vozoff spent 8 years designing RF and communications hardware in commercial industry before moving to JPL, where he spent 6 years contributing to missions including GRACE, Jason, COSMIC, ST3/Starlight, ST5, OSTM, UAVSAR and other technology development programs, as well as System Engineering and numerous advanced concept studies.

From 2005 to 2010, Mr. Vozoff worked for SpaceX, serving as Senior Mission Manager, Program Manager for the COTS development, Product Manager for the Dragon spacecraft and Director of Civil Business Development. He was responsible for managing cargo Dragon through ISS Safety Review certification and led SpaceX’s Human Rating initiatives for crew Dragon. Other responsibilities included advanced concept development for heavy lift launch vehicles, reuseable boosters and lunar landers.

With mv2space, Mr. Vozoff has led business development strategy and implementation, customer and investor outreach and connections, sales and marketing, proposal creation, program formulation and management, licensing discussions and technical review for multiple companies, either as a consultant or as a founding member.