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Capture10 Expands Offices and Team

WASHINGTON, Jun 24, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Capture10 , a technology consulting firm headed byformer SpaceX executive , today announced it has opened offices in San Francisco, New York City and Seattle and added the following three members to itsteam :

Ken Bowersox – Retired US Naval Aviator, NASA astronaut and Shuttle Commander and former Vice President of Astronaut Safety and Mission Assurance at SpaceX

Andrew Kline – Professor of Public Policy, former federal prosecutor and policy advisor in the White House, Senate, and in the private sector

Aubree Andersen — Sotheby’s International Realty, Microsoft and Fox Broadcasting Company

About Capture10, LLC: Capture10, LLC, assists companies in utilizing technology to enter and capture new billion-dollar markets. The Capture10 network includes experts with experience in array of technologies, functional experience in a range of disciplines, and a track record of successfully navigating government polices, regulation and legislation, as well as negotiating contract procurement and financing. The firm was founded by Lawrence Williams, who previously held executive positions at SpaceX, ICO Global Communications and Teledesic, and held multiple roles in government technology and communications. More information at

CAPTURE10 Expands to Help New Technologies Overcome Barriers

Firm headed by former SpaceX executive forms partnerships/opens new offices
(June 04, 2014- Washington, DC) – Capture10, LLC today announced it has significantly expanded its geographic scale and functional capabilities in an effort to help the growing number of emerging technologies overcome the challenges of entering new markets and increasing competition.

“Companies with faster, better and less costly technologies frequently discover that their biggest challenge is not customers or capital, but incumbents, regulation or other interests vested in preserving the status quo,” said Capture10 Principal Lawrence Williams. “It appears that we are at a major inflection point in the development of many enabling technologies, which are at price points that will dramatically alter the competitive landscape.”

Through a series of partnerships, Capture10 has aggregated a unique network of experts and firms with experience in an array of technologies such as aerospace, cyberspace, wireless communications, energy, environment and health. The firm also brings functional experience across a wide range of disciplines, such as system engineering, design, rapid prototyping, business development, strategy, marketing and communications, as well as a track record of helping organizations navigate government policies, regulation and legislation that often stands in the way of new technologies. The firm has recently expanded into